We create simple, professional Living Trusts.

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Keep it simple.

Estate Planning can feel like a confusing process. It’s often exploited by unethical lawyers trying to rip you off. We understand the frustration of just wanting to put your affairs in order without making it complicated…or breaking the bank.

Don’t fall for the extra cost of flashy, high-pressure “seminar” trusts. And don’t leave a mess for your family by cutting corners with cheap, sketchy non-lawyer alternatives.

Work with us to leave your legacy with a simple, professional Last Will or Living Trust.

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When the time comes.

When a loved one becomes incapacitated or dies, the person designated to manage his or her affairs has a very important job to do. We offer legal guidance for trustees, executors, and medical or financial decisionmakers to do it right.

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Get it resolved.

Conflicts can arise between surviving family members, beneficiaries, and even creditors. When a will or trust has been poorly drafted—or there is no estate plan at all—disagreements over the handling of assets can lead to stressful disputes. We can help.

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Meet the team.

PUGNO TRUST & ESTATES is currently celebrating our 20th Anniversary! Meet our team of experienced attorneys, CPAs, and paralegals.

The Team

Be remembered. Well.

Leave a legacy...not a mess. Let us help you create a simple, professional Living Trust.


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